Something About Yesi Doll


There are three words that come to mind when describing the alluring melting pot that is Yesi Doll — Sexy yet classy. Of Cuban, Spanish and French descent, Yesi is one beautifully exotic package wrapped around a petite 34B-27-36 curves that entices the eye while leaving something to the imagination. Growing up she was nicknamed “Barbie Doll” by former classmates however, when it comes to acting and modeling, Yesi does not toy around. The accomplished songstress, actress and model is very serious about her career, giving back her time and efforts to help animals and her community.



Where did the stage name Yesi Doll came from? What does it mean?


 “My birth name is Yesenia Sanchez but my stage name is Yesi Doll. Growing up, my classmates would call me “Barbie Doll” because they said I look like an American blonde doll. Yesi means beauty and grace in Greek. When you put the two together, you have Yesi Doll.”